Triennial Agreements

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Taranaki Triennial Agreement

This agreement is between Stratford District Council, South Taranaki District Council, New Plymouth District Council and Taranaki Regional Council to commit to working for the good governance of their district or region by acting collaboratively and co-operatively to ensure that issues in common are determined in a manner that is inclusive and avoids unnecessary duplication.  This agreement will ensure appropriate levels of consultation and co-ordination are maintained between the local authorities of this region, and between individual local authorities as might be notified.

Horizons Triennial Agreement

This agreement is between the local government authorities within the Manawatu-Wanganui region, of which there are eleven. The eastern part of the Stratford District falls into this region. The Horizons Triennial Agreement works towards the same goals as the Taranaki Triennial Agreement.

The Triennial Agreements can be viewed below.

Taranaki Triennial Agreement 2020
Horizons Triennial Agreeement 2020