Roads and Transport

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Stratford District Council manages the operation, maintenance, renewal and development of roading assets on behalf of the community.  To provide this service to the community in a sustainable manner and to ensure that the community's desired social, environmental, cultural and economic outcomes are achieved, requires major investment in infrastructure assets.

All of the road maintenance and construction needs are outsourced to private sector contractors.  The activity is managed and controlled by Council employees. Business practices are regularly reviewed and operational performance is measured and bench-marked. 

These assets are owned by the community they serve.  The Local Government Act 2002 (LGA) has clearly signalled that such an ownership arrangement should be retained for the foreseeable future.  Comprehensive statutory processes have been prescribed by the LGA for communities that wish to move away from asset ownership. By opting for this arrangement, Stratford District Council believes it minimises risks to the community and ensures optimal lifecycle management of the assets is carried out.

Asset Management Plan - Roading

Roading activities are covered in the Roading Asset Management Plan (AMP). The  purpose of this document is to meet a required level of service  in the most cost-effective way (through the creation, operation, maintenance, renewal and disposal of assets) to provide for existing and future customers.

The Network

The roading network is approximately 600km long, not including State Highways which are managed by NZTA, of which 65% is sealed and 35% unsealed. Included in the total is just over 40km of urban streets and 68km of footpaths. There are 152 bridges and 3 tunnels. Council is also responsible for street and under-verandah lighting, vegetation control and drainage associated with roading.


The day to day maintenance of the roads is provided by Fulton Hogan. 

Customer Service

If customers wish to make a complaint about the roads, or want to notify Council about defects or faults on the road, they should contact the Council's Service Centre on 06 765 6099. Trained staff will log your call as a Customer Request Memorandum (CRM) and ensure that it is forwarded to the appropriate Council staff to deal with, or forward it to the maintenance contractor for action. Another alternative is to contact us here.

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Bylaws Chapter 2 - Public Places
Bylaws Chapter 3 - Mobile or Travelling Shops
Bylaws Chapter 6 - Control of Advertising Signs
Bylaws Chapter 9 - Nuisances
Bylaws Chapter 17 - Parking Control
Bylaws Chapter 21 - Speed Limits


Fences on Road Reserve Policy
Grazing of Road Reserves Policy
Pegging & Maintenance of Roads & Bridges Policy
Private Crossings & Culverts Policy
Stock Underpasses Policy
Street Trees Policy
Vehicle Crossings Policy


Regional Land Transport Strategy for Taranaki

Fees and Charges


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