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Loud noise can be disturbing to you at any time of the day or night.

What can be done about noise?

Please contact the Council and we can discuss your options. In some circumstances it may be appropriate for you to approach your neighbour, but the Council can assist you to establish that communication.

The Council can offer advice on possible solutions to all noise but can only act on excessive noise created by the following:

  • musical instruments/equipment
  • electrical appliances
  • machinery
  • person or groups of persons
  • explosion or vibration

A noise control officer will investigate and make an assessment (a subjective judgement) whether the noise is reasonable or excessive. If the noise is deemed to be excessive, a notice to reduce the excessive noise will be issued. This notice remains in force for up to 72 hours following the issue.

You can contact the Council any time of the day or night (24 hours a day, seven days a week) on 765-6099.

What happens if the noise continues, even after we have told them to stop?

Should the noise problem reoccur after the noise control officer has made an initial visit, you will need to call us immediately to lodge a further complaint. Make sure you let us know that you have previously called about this.

An instant fine of $500 for not complying with a notice to reduce excessive noise may be served, and equipment will be seized. A conviction in court can bring a fine of up to $10,000.

What happens to seized equipment?

Where equipment is seized, it will be delivered to us the following working day. The equipment may be returned to the owner upon payment of a fee or we may refuse to return the equipment. This decision can be appealed to the Environment Court.