Rural Fire

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Urban Fires and Backyard Burning

Open fires (bonfires, rubbish etc) are not permitted in urban areas unless the allotment size is over 5000m2.

Any open fire will be extinguished at the cost of the property owner by the NZ Fire Service if it is either not permitted or it is causing a smoke nuisance.

Rural Fires

Open fires are generally permitted in the rural areas of the District, except the Ngaere Swamp, unless there is a Restricted or Prohibited Fire Season.

Any open fire on the Ngaere Swamp area, as shown in the Rural Fire Plan, must first have a Fire Permit issued by Taranaki Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

Open Fire Season

Open fires are permitted in rural areas. The fire must still comply with the Bylaw.

Restricted Fire Season

If a Restricted Fire Season is in place then a Fire Permit must be obtained the Taranaki Fire and Emergency New Zealand before lighting an open fire.

Prohibited Fire Season

If a Prohibited Fire Season is in place then open fires are not permitted under any circumstances anywhere in the District.

Fire Permits

Fire permits are issued by the Principal Rural Fire Officer. Check to find out if you need to apply for a permit. You can apply online or by contacting the Stratford District Council.

Fire Permits are free and there is no cost for the inspection.

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