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Stock Droving

Stock droving on roads is permitted in rural areas:

  • where there is no reasonable alternative, and
  • during daylight hours, and
  • up to twelve times in any one year.

The stock must be adequately controlled and the road cleaned of any debris afterwards.

Stock Grazing

Stock may be grazed on the road side during daylight hours in any areas zoned Rural or Rural/Residential in the planning maps.  If you wish to graze any area beyond that outside your own property then you must have the permission of the adjoining property owner.

Permanent fences cannot be used to contain stock being grazed on road reserve unless the fence has a current Licence to Occupy from the Council. Electric fences may be used but must be removed during night time hours.

Stock Crossings

All stock crossing points must have a Stock Crossing permit issued by the Council. There are limitations on the location and use of stock crossing points due to traffic safety restrictions. Generally any stock crossing point will be required to have wash down facilities.

Stock Underpasses

All stock underpasses must have the approval of the relevant roading authority – the NZ Transport Agency for State Highways and the Stratford District Council for any other road in the District.

Stray Stock

If your stock stray onto another person's property you may be liable for any damage caused by the stock and any costs that result from your stock being impounded. Similarly, if your stock strays onto a roadway you may be liable for any damage in the event of an accident and you could have criminal charges laid against you.

Further Information

For all queries, problems or complaints, contact the Compliance Officer (06) 765 6099.  After hours complaints are to be directed through the same number, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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