Animals and Stock

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Stratford District Council encourages responsible ownership of its animals.  See these pages for information on Dogs or Stock.

The grazing of animals, other than pigs, is permitted within the Stratford urban area but they must be kept contained by suitable fencing (excluding electric or barbed wire fences within one metre of any property boundary) and not create any nuisance through the likes of droppings or noise.


Pigs are only permitted in areas of the District zoned Rural in the District Plan.  Pigs are not permitted to be kept in any urban areas (residential, rural/residential or business zoning).


Horses may be grazed anywhere in the District but they are not permitted to be ridden along roads or footpaths within the Stratford urban area. The only exception to this is if the horse is being ridden as part of an authorised public event.


There are no limits on beekeeping within the District on private property provided that they do not cause a nuisance situation.

Beehives are generally not permitted on road reserve unless a specific authorisation is given through Council, which includes the written permission of the adjoining land owners.


Free range poultry are only permitted within an area zoned Rural in the District Plan.

Poultry in urban areas (residential, rural/residential or business zoning) must be contained within a poultry house with an attached poultry run. The number of fowls is limited to 12.

Roosters are not permitted within urban areas and will be removed if noise complaints are received.


Bylaws Chapter 11 - Keeping of Animals and Poultery

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