No swimming in Patea River until further notice - NOW LIFTED

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The below water quality notice has now been lifted. 

Recent water sampling has shown the bacteria levels have dropped and the water is safe for humans and animals.

Remember to check in with Council before swimming for any updates to the water quality of our recreational swimming areas.



Harmful bacteria has been detected in the Pātea River effecting recreational swimming holes running through King Edward Park and Windsor Park. 

Water contact may be harmful to humans and animals. 

Signage advising people of the risk has been erected at the river.

The elevated bacteria levels are likely a result of the warm dry weather we have had recently and are expected to drop back to usual safe levels naturally over time.

Please contact Council on 06 765 6099 or check the public notices section of our website before you swim to see if warnings have been lifted.

For further information on bathing water quality visit

B Sutherland