Audit and Risk Committee to be established

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At the Stratford District Council Policy and Services Committee meeting on Tuesday 24 January it was resolved to establish an Audit and Risk Committee.

In 2008 the Controller and Auditor-General issued a paper titled “Audit Committees in the public sector”. This has led to a large number of public organisations in New Zealand (both central and local government) implementing Audit and Risk Committees.

Recent high profile local government failures have seen Audit New Zealand promote the merit of independent, appropriately qualified input into the monitoring of councils.

“The purpose of the Audit and Risk Committee is to ensure Council is delivering on agreed outcomes and is managing risk in an appropriate manner,” says Acting Chief Executive Sven Hanne.

The Audit and Risk Committee provides Council with a mechanism to investigate financial reporting and risk issues in more detail.

An independent Chairman will be appointed to the Audit and Risk Committee which also comprises of the Mayor and three Councillors.

The first scheduled meeting of the Committee is on Tuesday 21 March 2017.