New Local Alcohol Policy Adopted

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The joint Local Alcohol Policy (LAP) for New Plymouth and Stratford districts has been adopted by both council's.

Most of the policy will come into effect on 28 February 2017 although the new closing hours, including hours for alcohol sales at off-licence premises – such as bottle stores and supermarkets – will not begin until 1 May. These new off-licence hours are 9.30pm in New Plymouth District and 10pm in Stratford District.

Stratford District Council has also adopted the policy today.

NPDC Group Manager Strategy Liam Hodgetts says the LAP enables the districts to regulate aspects of the sale of alcohol in their areas.

“The District Licensing Committees will use their LAP as a guiding document for liquor licensing decisions in each district,” says Mr Hodgetts.

“Having a consistent approach in both New Plymouth and Stratford will make it less confusing for businesses to operate and easier to manage the potential harm from alcohol.”

The adoption of the LAP reflects the end of a thorough community-wide discussion regarding alcohol within New Plymouth and Stratford districts, including extensive research and community engagement starting in 2013, submissions and a hearing in 2014, and the resolution of appeals in 2015.