Future of Whangamomona in Focus

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The Republic of Whangamomona will be looking to its future, with the release of an issues and options paper on Monday night by the Stratford District Council.

The paper, called Realising the Republic, is part of the Stratford 2035 Making it Real campaign, which is seeing the council put all of its future planning cards on the table at the same time.

“Back in October I launched the district plan issues paper, Future of Broadway concept plan and Economic Development Strategy update report,” said Mayor Neil Volzke. “This month it’s Whangamomona’s turn and a good opportunity to remind ourselves that while it might be called the Stratford District, there are some very special communities beyond the township of Stratford that make up this central slice of Taranaki.”

Whangamomona is part of the district plan review and economic development mix for the district, but, says Mayor Volzke, “There is enough going on out there to justify its own focus paper.”

It’s a part of the district where more events take place per head of population than Stratford. Its iconic status as a place to stop and visit has seen a steady increase of traffic on the Forgotten World Highway, and a range of recreational interest groups wanting to use routes like the Whangamomona Road.

“It’s the right time to take stock and see where council and the community want to head on things like tourism,” says Mayor Volzke. “If we want visitors to keep coming we will need to see money spent on roading, both state highway and local, and think beyond that to infrastructure, including telecommunications.”

It’s a team game and the release of this paper represents an open invitation to residents and potential visitors alike to have their say in Whanga’s future.

“We really do value peoples feedback on this paper,” say Environmental Services Director Liam Dagg, “as it certainly will inform the District Plan Review and Economic Development Strategy.”

The paper is out for feedback until the end of January and has been given a longer feedback period to accommodate Republic Day on 21 January.

Copies of the document can be found here on Council’s website, at the library, service centre, or the Whangamomona Hotel.