Satisfied Stratford

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Every year Stratford ratepayers are invited to complete a customer satisfaction survey, asking them to provide feedback on their satisfaction levels with services Council provides.

The 2016 survey was sent out during June, and asked questions about the water supply, roading, parks, regulatory services, community services, information centre, library, and customer service.

Director Corporate Services Mark Weidenbohm said “Most of the questions asked the respondents to rate the service or activity on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being ‘poor’ and 10 being’ excellent’. Some questions asked whether the respondent used a service, or how often, or asked for their opinion on the level of a service that Council provides. Overall the results were similar to last year’s survey.”

459 responses were received, which is a slight increase on the past year.

Overall satisfaction levels were similar to 2015, across all Council services that were surveyed. A large number of additional comments were received, and these, together with the rating results, suggest that Stratford District’s residents remain reasonably satisfied with the level of service provided.

The survey asked if residents felt Stratford was an attractive, safe and healthy place to live. The response of the community was once again overwhelming positive with rates of 96% for attractiveness, 98% for feeling safe and 96% for Stratford offering a healthy lifestyle.

“The survey has provided a valuable indication of how residents view Council’s performance and gives officers direction for future projects and planning,” Mark said.