Changes to food licensing fees and charges

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The Food Act 2014 came into effect on 1 March 2016. Stratford District Council heard and considered submissions to its Food Act 2014 Fees and Charges, at the Policy and Services Committee Meeting on Tuesday 12 April. Two submissions were received.

Under the Act new food businesses will operate under the new fee structure, while existing operators remain under the previous fee structure until they transition. Those businesses that need to transition will do so over the next three years.

Food businesses are now required to operate under a Food Control Plan or a National Programme.

The new Food Act 2014 Fees and Charges adopted at the meeting are:
Registration $300 (up to 2 hours) $150 per additional hour
Renewal of Registration $150 up to 1 hour $150 per additional hour
Verification $150 up to 1 hour $75 per additional half hour
Monitoring/Compliance $150 per hour

For more information visit Council's website, or contact Environmental Health Officer Kathryn Pulley, (06) 765 6099.