Building team goes digital

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In another step towards improving efficiencies and making life easier and hopefully cheaper for the customer, the Stratford District Council building inspectors have gone digital with the way they record site inspections.

Using tablets and a software package called GoGet, council staff can now go to a site, record and photograph their observations, bring it back to the office and download it straight to file, avoiding paperwork and workload in the back room administration side of the process.

Liam Dagg Director Environmental Services said "When it comes to building consents, council goes for full cost recovery, meaning any time we save in processing gets passed onto the customer. Its another step towards making the process as digital as possible, so less time gets spent moving paper around an office, and more focus gets placed on a quality outcome for the customer and the community."

Similar sentiments were echoed by Regulatory Manager Pat Moore at a recent seminar council put on for builders and designers in Stratford. "There is risk around buildings we look at, and often the information supplied is not relevant to the project. We need to work together to find the right balance."

Stratford is also working in collaboration with other councils and central government to see what efficiencies can be brought to the array of forms and templates that builders have to fill out. "It's a long game but any gains we make has got be good for the customer," says Liam.