Customer Charter - our promise to you

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This week Stratford District Council launches its Customer Service Charter.

The charter establishes a consistent customer service standard across all Council business which includes the i-SITE, the pool and the library.

The charter came about from a review of how some frontline services were being delivered, particularly in the regulatory area. The review showed there was no consistency across the business units that make up council and how their initial interaction with customers was conducted. The charter aims for a consistent approach, regardless of whether you're borrowing a book, going to the pool, or lodging a building consent.

Environmental Services Director Liam Dagg says, "Rules and regulations are a part of life, but we are working towards balancing this with a customer service approach that aims to reduce time and cost impacts to people's investment decisions. The charter is part of a suite of business improvements that customers will see rolled out over time, with a focus on improving the range of online services a customer can choose from, and reduce the amount of paper shuffling for all concerned."

"The charter supports the great customer service levels we currently maintain," says Director Community Services Kate Whareaitu. "One change we have made in response to customer feedback that callers will notice when phoning council is that a real person will answer the call."

A full copy of the Customer Service Charter can be found here.