Roading engineer retires after 34 years service

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Council's Roading Asset Manager, Barry Jagersma, retired on April 10, after completing 34 years service for the Stratford District.

When asked about retiring Barry says, "I've enjoyed my time at Stratford District Council and am very proud of what I have achieved, but now it is someone else's turn to head into the new era of One Network Road Classification."

Barry, who grew up in Christchurch and trained as a civil engineer, came to Stratford in 1981 when Kemp Broughton employed him as part of the County roading team.

Barry recalls his first task, "My first task was to move furniture and records from the office located on Broadway south into the new Stratford County Council offices on Miranda Street before the official opening on 22 May 1981."

Highlights of Barry's time at Council include the merging of the County and Borough Councils in 1989, the development of an innovative facilities management contract combining roading operations, renewals and capital into one inclusive contract, which today is valued at approximately $4.2 million per annum and the establishment of the Local Government Computing Group which bought out a programme called the Roading Asset Maintenance Management System (RAMM), of which Barry was an administrator for 27 years. The RAMM system transposed all paper data into an electronic system including an inventory of roads and survey data.

"The 80's and 90's were vibrant times where construction of new bridges, culvert replacements, shape correction treatment and new roads for Aotuhia and Mangapapa were completed," says Barry.

Mayor Neil Volzke said, "Stratford's roading network is in good condition and rates highly when measured against national standards. This is a credit to Barry and we acknowledge the expertise that Barry has provided during his time at Council. "

Chief Executive Matt O'Mara says, "34 years service working for one organisation is an outstanding effort. We wish Barry all the very best for a relaxing retirement."

Barry will continue to live in Stratford with his wife and enjoy riding the roads on his motorcycles, relaxing with a good book or visiting family.

Barry was responsible for all roading for Stratford District Council which included:

• 600 km maintained roads
• 390 km sealed roads
• 210 km unsealed roads
• 150 bridges
• 3 tunnels
• 1,100 street lights
• 200 under verandah lights
• 2,600 signs
• 3,100 culverts
• 80 km kerb and channel
• 70 km footpaths

All with a current replacement value of $330 million.