An upgrade for Broadway

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The start of the Broadway beautification project being launched this week starting with the sight of eight flower baskets hanging from lamp posts either side of the clock tower pedestrian crossing. This is just one of a number of projects being carried out within Stratford's town centre this year.

Chief Executive Sue Davidson said, "Council recognised that the ambience of Broadway needed to be improved to make the town centre more attractive and vibrant for businesses, the local community and tourists so they provided some initial funding this year."

A group known as the 'Broadway Reference Group' made of up business owners, community members and Council staff have been working towards creating a cohesive plan and prioritising projects that will build on creating ambience within the CBD.

Projects for this year include painting grants for businesses to spruce up their shop frontages, replanting the roundabouts and gardens at intersections, replanting gardens at the clock tower, painting power boxes and cleaning and decorating empty shop windows.

"There were so many projects we've had to prioritise and move some to a second phase," says Sue. Projects to be carried out next year include more painting grant schemes, seating in Prospero Place and planters on footpaths.

For information on the painting power boxes and the painting grant scheme for businesses visit Council's website, or phone Lauren Darrah 06 765 6099.

What can you expect to see and when is it happening?

Replanting of Roundabouts and Gardens
Current plantings will be taken out the week of 2 November, with full replanting being completed on 16 November. Drawing from the mountain and Shakespearean theme the roundabouts will boast a one meter high cone shaped hedging. The side gardens will be planted with hedging and flowers.

Painting Grant Scheme
The Painting Grant Scheme is a financial incentive to encourage retailers to invest in their buildings. Up to one third (with a maximum of $3,000 per building) is available to those building owners between the roundabouts wanting to spruce up their buildings. This is limited to six this year.

Shop Frontages
A keen group of community volunteers have been cleaning and dressing empty shop windows. If you'd like to assist with this please contact Lindy Brennan.

Painting Power Boxes
Budding artists who would like to see their art work on one of the 15 powerboxes within the CBD are able to submit artwork and then if accepted paint their design on a powerbox.