Local Approved Products Policy Approved

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The Stratford District Council adopted the Local Approved Products Policy at the Policy Meeting on Tuesday 26 August.

The joint policy with New Plymouth District creates one area across the two districts where approved psychoactive substances can be sold.

Stratford District Mayor Neil Volzke says, "I am pleased we were able to pass a policy that reflects the strong views expressed by the Stratford and wider community."

Stratford and New Plymouth District Council's are among the first in the country to join forces to take a collaborative approach to the development of a policy for psychoactive substances.

Environmental Services Director Liam Dagg says, "Because we combined the two districts, it reduced the need to agree on a location where theses types of products can be sold in the Stratford population centres."

The only area where approved products can be sold is within the New Plymouth CBD.

The policy deliberations and hearing were held on 1 August. The hearing committee was made up of New Plymouth and Stratford District Councillors. Six submissions were received with no submitters requesting to be heard.

The policy will be formally adopted at the Stratford District Council's ordinary meeting on 9 September.