Check your swimming pools

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Council officers are about to start inspections of swimming pools and spa pools within the district. These checks are made to ensure all pools comply with the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987. If your pool has not been inspected within the last 5 years you can expect a visit from an inspector.

Regulatory Manager Pat Moore says, "It is the owners and occupiers responsibility to ensure that the swimming pool fencing complies with the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987 at all times while the pool has water in it. This includes spa pools."

All swimming pools capable of holding more than 400mm depth of water are required to be fenced before filling.

Swimming Pool Checklist
If you have a pool or spa which is fenced, please use the checklist below as a guide as to whether it is safe.

Checklist                                                             YES/NO
Fence height is 1.2 metres minimum               ⃝ ⃝
Ground clearance is no greater than 100mm ⃝ ⃝
Gates open outwards                                           ⃝ ⃝
Gates automatically shut                                     ⃝ ⃝
Gate latches are self locking                              ⃝ ⃝
Top bolts on ranch sliders                                  ⃝ ⃝
Steps for para-type pools are removed            ⃝ ⃝

If the answer to every question is not YES, do the life saving thing. Fix the problem!