Oil and Gas – Renewable Energy – Climate Change

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Whether it's oil and gas, renewable energy, or even coal mining – energy activities can have an impact on both the economy and the environment.  We need to make sure our planning rules protect the environment, but also enable the development of these resources to meet our needs.

This week Stratford District Council releases a discussion document on how we manage the use and development of energy resources. The document also looks at how we manage the effects of climate change, such as a predicted increase in extreme weather patterns, including droughts and flooding.  Most energy developments require consent. This may be appropriate for oil and gas exploration, but is it appropriate for small-scale renewable activities? There are lots of different rules, and different kinds of consents. There is always the potential for tension between development needs and either environmental or community concerns. Have we set the balance right?

The Managing Energy Resource Development and the Effects of Climate Change discussion document sets out how our district plan works, and what kinds of rules and consents there are for energy activities. It gives a summary of the different laws and policies that guide energy development, and of all the different issues that have to be considered.

Pick up a copy of the discussion document today, and have your say. The document is available at Council's service centre, library, or click here for an online copy.  The deadline for submissions on the document was 14 February 2014, this how now been extended to 7 March 2014. To make a submission or to have any questions answered contact Allan Chesswas, Planner, on (06) 765 6099 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This is the first part of the process for looking at changes to the District Plan relating to energy. There will be future opportunities for interaction with Council at later dates.