District Licencing Committee formed

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The following people have been confirmed as being on the list required to form the District Licensing Committees for the Stratford and New Plymouth Districts.

Alex Matheson
Glenn West
Peter Coles
Channa Perry
Paul Walden
Peter Stringer
John Rowe
Barrie Smith
Lynn Bublitz

Director of Community and Environmental Service Mike Avery says, "We were very impressed with the calibre of applicants for the committee list and are very confident that they will provide robust decision making on liquor matters on behalf of the respective communities."

The appointments are for five years with the ability to extend that for one further five year term. Alex Matheson has been appointed as Commissioner (Chair) of both Committees.

Almost all applications for Managers Certificates and Licences under the new Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 will be approved by the Commissioner sitting alone as typically only a small number of applications ever attract objections. Where there are objections, a committee is formed consisting of the Commissioner and two of the list members, on rotation, to hear and decide on the application.

The matters which may be considered are wider than was previously the case and can include location and the number of existing premises where these are covered by a Local Alcohol Policy.

The new process for deciding on liquor applications starts from 18 December 2013. All three district councils in the region are currently developing Local Alcohol Policies and these will be subject to public consultation and community input prior to adoption.