TSB Pool Complex evacuation

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On Sunday 20 December the TSB Pool Complex was evacuated when a chlorine alarm was triggered.

Up to 20 people were using the facility at the time and pool staff safely evacuated them when the alarm went off.

Emergency services were notified immediately including the New Plymouth Hazmat Unit. Using breathing apparatus the Fire and Emergency entered the chlorine room and shut off the chlorine cylinders. Once the area and the chlorine room had properly vented staff were able to re-enter the facility. No one received injuries from the incident.

Chief Executive Sven Hanne says, “As a precautionary measure the facility has remained closed to the public to give specialists time to investigate the issue and ensure a recurrence is avoided.”

“They found that a faulty regulator on a chlorine gas cylinder was the cause and this has now been rectified,” he says.

The Pool will be operational as normal from 2.00pm today, Monday 21 December.

“Thank you to our pool users for your patience and understanding during this time,” says Mr Hanne.