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This Cemeteries Search service is provided by Council to allow people to search cemetery records and find information about their family and friends.The cemetery search contains all records from council-operated cemeteries in the district

Council's cemetery records have been complied by transferring information from district registers / books into a database. While every care has been taken during the transfer, omissions / errors may have occurred. Please also note that details have been collected over more than 100 years and Council cannot guarantee accuracy from outside sources, such as Cemetery Trustees. Burial warrants were not introduced until 1940, so information on burials prior to that may be minimal. Council therefore accepts no responsibility or any consequences arising from information errors or omissions.

Please forward any information, enquiries and/or corrections with corroborating evidence to either This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or PO Box 320, Stratford 4352. If information can be verified, the appropriate entry will be updated.

Please complete all of the fields in the search form marked with a *, entering only text.

Privacy Policy

Please note that the information provided is that which is considered public records. Some information is excluded for reasons of privacy. Should you have any further queries regarding cemetery records, please contact the Council's records officer.