Stratford 2035

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Stratford 2035 square  Stratford 2035 - Making it Real is the the umbrella being used to launch a discussion about a number of projects and strategies. These include the updated Economic Development Strategy, Future of Broadway project, and District Plan Review. The Reserve Management Plans for King Edward Park and Victoria Park are also being reviewed as part of Stratford 2035.

Economic Development Strategy
This Economic Development Strategy is an update of the 2012 - 2015 report.  It provides current information on the state of the district and provides progress on the actions that were identified in 2012 - 2015.

Stratford Economic Development Strategy

Future of Broadway
The Future of Broadway is the name given to a project that's all about updating the look and function of Stratford's main street.  We think Broadway deserves to become the signature street of the most liveable town in Taranaki, a showcase for the district, and a tourist attraction and drawcard in its own right.  This plan identifies a package of actions to help achieve postive change for the Stratford town centre, some within 12 months and others over a longer period of time.

Future of Broadway Flyer
Future of Broadway Booklet
Proposed Development - Connections Map
Proposed Development - Prospero Place Map

District Plan Review
The main purpose of this paper is to get your input on what issues you think the next District Plan for Stratford should address.  To start the conversation the paper proposes the "Top 5" issues from a Council perspective, as well as a range of other matters the review will need to address in some way.  Feedback will help Council to scope the rule and zone framework to address the issues the district faces.  

District Plan Review Paper

The Future of Whangamomona
What is the Future of Whangamomona? Whangamomona has always been the master of its own destiny and we want it to stay that way. It’s been a “Republic” since 1989 and has icon status as a must-see stop on the Forgotten World Highway. It’s also a significant part of the Stratford district and the council has a role to play in making sure its services and infrastructure meet the needs of the community now and into the future. Although there is a big difference in the population size between Whangamomona and the township of Stratford, per head of population the Whangamomona area probably outstrips the bigger town in terms of number of events. Whangamomona’s reputation as a tourist hot spot has been growing over the years and its potential for further growth got a recent boost with Taranaki being named the second-best region to visit in the world in 2017.

With council launching the Stratford 2035 Making it Real campaign, we thought the republic needed its own focus paper, and not just be a small part of a district-wide economic development strategy or district plan review.

Realising the Republic : The Future of Whangamomona