District Plan

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What is the District Plan?

The Stratford District Plan is a statutory planning document required under the Resource Management Act 1991. In basic terms, it describes the policies, rules and standards which cover the way in which land may be used within the Stratford District.

If you are wishing to subdivide or a start a new business venture or other activity in the District, then this document lets you know what requirements, if any, have to be met under the Resource Management Act. It is recommended that you speak with Council staff before carrying out any activity which may have to meet requirements under the District Plan. Further information about consents is available here.

The Plan is in two main parts:

• The plan document containing all of the policy statements, rules, standards and specific requirements. This includes the various activities allowed within each zone, the activities requiring Council consent and what information is required and matters to be considered when carrying out various activities.

• The planning maps showing the zoning of each part of the District as well as features such as protected areas, heritage sites and protected trees.

The district planning maps can be viewed on the Taranaki Regional Xplorer. To see them, choose "District Plan" from the "select map type" at the top of the page. From there you can zoom and use the pan tools to find the area and property you want.

The District Plan document (plan only, no maps) is available by clicking here. The planning maps can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

Planning Maps

Iwi overview  R7  U5                 U12
R1 R8 U6 U13
R2  Rural Index  U7      U14 
R3 U1 U8 U15 Small Towns
R4 U2 U9 U16 Whangamomona
R5 U3 U10 Urban Index
R6 U4 U11